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Fresh Design

We love clean, fresh, and simple designs. We work with fantastic designers and artists to achieve simple and clean presentation of all our clients' products.


API first development is a key component to that practice. We build all our projects, API first. It provides the upmost flexbility and future proofing.


With new device resolutions arriving almost monthly, its pivotal to build flexability into the presentation. We simply wouldn't build it any other way.

Meet the Captains

We can help. We listen, discuss, and advise on best approaches for your project.

Robert Evans


Loves it when a plan comes together! A fearless leader who has bootstrapped too many products to count. A master of extracting what's important, and willing to accept any challenge. Trust us, you'll WANT Robert on your next project!

Dave Bradford


A pilot, a developer, entrepreneur, and tech geek. Passionate about aviation, software development and anything techie. When Dave is not hacking, he's out tearing through the skies in his '77 Beech Bonanza.

The R&D Process


Discovery is about us learning about your idea. Together we explore and deep-dive into your goals, target users, market segments, competitive advantages, and more. This level of information aids our designers and developers in constructing your product to your specifications. The discovery lays the ground work for the product blueprint.


Blueprinting is where we take the discovery and flush it out with our expertise. We make recommendations, upgrades, and provide details about how the product should be built. The artifact of this process is usually a detailed document outlining step by step on how the project will be constructed, hosted, and supported.


Development is probably the easiest of the process. Everything has been discussed and outlined in the blueprint so developers have a clear roadmap on what they are building. Develpers can general move quickly at this phase as most blockers have been previously worked out.


Contrary what you mgiht think, software shouldn't be build all at once. Most product ideas have depth and complexities that shouldn't be tackled in the first iteration. This phase allows for reflection and planning of the features and desires that go beyond the MVP product.

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